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ORM Services Company in Delhi – India

Apprehensive about a negative post? Want to proactively build a brand and create a connection with your customer? Whether you are a business house, professional or celebrity, put your faith in our digital know-how to create an impactful online reputation for you.

Build your online presence positively with DigiTech Magnate ORM Services

As you all know that reputation is very important either for business or for the individual person.  Maintain the reputation is also very necessary if you are running the online business. It is the digital era today, and everyone hires the SEO services for developing their business websites online and ranks them on the first ten pages of Search Engine (SERP).

If you are worried about your online business reputation then you must use our ORM services.  Our Company gives you all the solution if you face any problem in the online markets for your brand name and services. We convert your repute from negative ones to positive ones by repairing your business website presence and managing all its information.

At DigiTech Magnate we have a team of passionate marketing experts who follow the examining, building and protecting process to maintain the business website repute online and it is compulsory for every entrepreneur to maintain the online reputation from our Best ORM Company in Delhi, India.

Our Company offers the online reputation management service for individuals or also for small, medium or large business organizations. Our experts use perfect ORM strategy with SEO build up websites and handle the task of every industry and deliver the managing results on time.

Online Reputation Management Services

Case Studies of ORM Company in India with DigiTech Magnate

DigiTech Magnate offers the prestigious brand reputation management services to every online business website.

  • Our marketing experts create the outstanding content and publish it on your website via different platforms.
  • Our Company experts promote the business brand over the web networks.
  • Our Company experts cut out the negative reviews from the business website and give the positive response with ORM campaigns.
  • We build the trustworthy relationship with the individual and business entrepreneur to provide them with 100% satisfaction.
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With the help of a new Business Website design, Organic search engine optimization, Dizzart Decor, a leading PVC Panel supplier, was able to drastically increase site engagement and online Inquiry Generation.

  • Non-branded search traffic increased by 186%
  • Increased conversion rates by 27%
  • Decreased paid search cost per conversion by 40%
  • Paid search click-through-rates increased 195%

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Shivam Enterprises

Shivam Enterprises attracts a greater volume of traffic and conversions from Organic search with ongoing Seo Services from OGEN Infosystem

  • Decreased paid-search CPA by 53%
  • Increased paid-search conversion volume by 56%
  • Increased ad click-through-rates by 38%
  • Inquiry Generation Increased by 45%

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The process of Online Reputation Management at DigiTech Magnate

There are different phases in the ORM process mention below

Examine the Reputation

Overview of the Company

In this phase, our Company take the thorough research about your business reputes on the internet and identify your business website on the top search pages. It includes the various key phrase, keywords, and names and titles that link to your business sites.

Overview the Threats

Our Company experts look out the risk occurs with any misleading information about your reputation and makes the best ORM Strategy to remove every kind of threats.

Overview of the Opportunities

DigiTech Magnate Company check out the various web resources across all the major production to see what works best in various search results. Our experts use the various ORM tools and techniques to improve the promotional search results on the World Wide Web.


What do you mean by ORM – Online Reputation Management?

ORM is the acronym for Online Reputation Management. It is the best practising method to improve and enhance the branding of the business website and its products & services on the internet. It helps in giving the perfect shape and influence the public awareness of an organization, individual and any other object on the internet with ORM strategies. It helps in rebuilding and restoring the online reputation of the organization, owner of the company, brand of the company on the internet so that people those are searching the materials and information, get the right products & services with search-friendly keywords.

Achievements in ORM

DigiTech Magnate is India’s No. Digital Marketing Agency delivers the efficient Online Reputation Management Services.

Eliminate the negative reviews

Our company experts remove all the negative information from your commercial as well as non- commercial business website.

Post the positive reviews

By posting the positive reviews, our experts build up the new and fresh websites in front of customers those are searching the right material from the different web pages of the site.

Brand repute

The Perfect Online Reputation Management Strategy of our Company helps in achieving the brand recognition and reputation in the eyes of potential and new customers from all over the world.

Constant interaction with consumers

The primary aim of our Company is to fulfil all the requirements of the clients by interacting with them and delivers the accurate information what they want.

Corporate Image

Our Company makes your business more noticeable and prevalent on social platforms and creates a business social image on the web with an Online Corporate Reputation Management Strategy.

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Why Select Our Company for Online Reputation Management?

Being one of the top online reputation management agencies in India,

we recognize that the amount of esteem brand brings in the market directly affects its consumers and producers. The steady process of restoring all the negative effects that your product carries,  building a brand repute in the market with robustness on customer satisfaction, and to save it constantly at present as well as future. All this creates the long-lasting impression of right business policies. The commercial/brand reputation management process can be helpful to any industry.

We offer ideal brand reputation management solutions

subject to your necessities. We deliver highly affordable reputation marketing services. Our ORM services team is knowledgeable & trained and knows the best preparation for all kinds of situations. And that is the reason our Company has numerous successful campaigns and quite a lot of happy and satisfied customers.

Our Company offers the flexible services.

We offer the customize pricing according to your business needs. When it comes to rebuild and re-improve the website in front of the online visitors, we give you the high-quality ORM services with trained staff and technology to provide a progressive improvement for your online business.

Benefits of ORM Services

at DigiTech Magnate

Build trust

People love to gather information and buy products from online business websites, and trust in those e-commerce and non-e-commerce business those have great online repute on the various search engines. So online reputation management campaign helps in building the trust of the users and gives the positive online reviews about your business.

Earning more profits

Online Reputation Management helps to attract more visitors and other businesses in your company which leads in the increment of more profitable business.

Resolve Customer Complaints

Online reputation management strategy helps in resolving all kinds of customer complaint regarding business products, services and information quickly to satisfy the customers and get the positive feedback for business websites.

Cut down Internal Cost

Our Online Reputation management process helps in reducing the internal cost of the business website like labour, energy, material etc. and saves a lot of time, effort and money.

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