Best Free SEO Tools

//Best Free SEO Tools

Best Free SEO Tools

The WebPages are awash with free SEO tools and resource, but if you want to choose the right one, you must do your homework first to pick your kit very carefully. Just like the practitioners in the search marketing industry, there are some bad and good! Well, here we are listing the top 5 best free tools today.

Google search console

1. Google Search Console

Even if you are not well experienced or headstrong on SEO, the Google’s search console a free SEO tools would be the very first port of call for your blog or site. This SEO tools will give you all kind of valuable information which you must get from your site at the very first glance. The tool will help you to access your website’s performance to see the potential problems like spammy links. It will also help you to ensure that your site is well monitored in Google’s indexing and is friendly enough for your users.

SEO Quake

2. SEO Quake

The SEOQuake is one of the most popular free SEO tools extensions which are adored by millions. This tool allows viewing a user with multiple search engine parameters to compare with the results obtained from the other projects. The toolbar in SEOQuake also includes the buttons which are as backlinks, Bing index, SEMrush ranking, Google index update, facebook likes, web archive. By choosing this free SEO tools bar you will definitely appreciate the details it provides.

Google keyword planner

3. Google Keyword Planner

Knowing the right keyword is very essential to create contents for website or blog. Well, if you want to target the right keywords this free SEO tools can be the best choice for you! The Google free keyword planner, a part of Adwords, is quite easier to use. To get started, plug in your website URL in the search box, start reviewing the keywords and off you go! To get in right keyword planning with this free SEO tools, make sure you use only those keywords which the tool gave for your website.

Google optimize

4. Google Optimize

Yet this is another Google tool in your list of free SEO tools (not a surprise for you isn’t it). Well, as SEO is all about the ranking with a right balance of engaged contents that can drive visitors and conversions. Well, the google optimize free service can help you to take the guesswork out from the game, it will allow you to test your site contents with simple A and B testing by comparing it from the other pages too.

Live keyword analysis

5. Live Keyword Analysis 

Any experienced SEO specialist will tell you that keyword really matter! While simply just crawling down the keywords into a text arbitrary can bring more harm than good for any website or blog. Well, if you don’t want to end up in such a situation, you can use the live keyword analysis free SEO tools. This SEO tool is a breeze to use: just simply type the keyword in and paste your text, in a matter of seconds the keyword density analysis will be done n a fly! This tool is a must try for copywriters because it is free!

We hope we gave you an idea to choose the right SEO tools for your keyword search, to optimize or to check your visibility in search engines.

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